Maureen Thompson, Fine Artist:

Painting Classes & Workshops in Classical Realism


My classical realism classes are based on the methods, principles and techniques of the French Academics. Several of my teachers have their roots in the French Academic tradition.

I do not hold back information about what I know and how I achieve my results. My teaching methods are clear, methodical and thorough.

You will leave the class with new and valuable knowledge of cassical realist painting and drawing technique -- from material selection, to work preparation and execution. I'm sure that you will be delighted with the results.


I will teach you painting and drawing theory and technique. Specifically, you will learn the basics of value and color theory and the proper techniques for creating a palette.

You will learn how to observe nature, focusing on the reality of form, color, perspective, local and cast shadows, textures, and gradients.

You will learn how to apply underpainting, develop proper composition, techniques of drawing and painting from still life setups.


This allows me to give sufficient attention to each student while also allowing each student plenty of time to concentrate on his or her work.

There are beautiful vistas from the deck of the main house where students may set up their easels for drawing and painting landscapes.


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